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About Yoga

Yoga is a mind and body practice. Various styles of yoga combine physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation. Yoga is an ancient practice that may have originated in India. It involves movement, meditation, and breathing techniques to promote mental and physical well-being.
Bright Future Path Provide the Best yoga classes in Dehradun and our yoga classes is so famous beacause of we provided every facility of yoga like we are provided the best yoga trainner in dehradun and also the supported trainner of yoga and also we are started the special yoga for kids.

Yoga Classes
Meditation Classes
Pranayam Classes.
Special Kids Classes.

About Pranayama.

Pranayama is an ancient breath technique that originates from yogic practices in India. It involves controlling your breath in different styles and lengths. It has more recently gained popularity in the western world because of the many health benefits that come from a pranayama practice.

Some types of Pranayama:-

Dirga Pranayama

Shitali Pranayama.

Bhramari Pranayama.

Viloma Pranayama.

Nadi Sodhana.

Ujjayi Pranayama.

Bhastrika Pranayama.

Kapalabhati Pranayama.

About Meditation

Meditation is a practice in which an individual uses a technique such as mindfulness, or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state.

Some Types of Meditations:-

Mindfulness Meditation

Focused Meditation

Progressive Relaxation

Spiritual Meditation.

Movement Meditation.

Visualization Meditation.

Loving-Kindness Meditation.